Speaker Applications

Applications of Piezo Speakers are vast and varied, ranging from alarms and notifications in electronic devices to musical instruments and even medical devices.

These speakers are known for their high efficiency and reliability, making them a popular choice in industries where clear and loud sound reproduction is essential.


Due to the properties of piezoelectric materials, it is used on different medical applications. In
diagnostic medical equipment, it’s been used magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) which is a noninvasive imaging technology that uses magnetic field and sound waves to produce a detailed images of
organs and tissues composition in the body. It operates the same as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
but with the combination of sound waves. A pad is placed on the skin which will send sound wave to the
body and receive it after it travels through the body.


Doppler effect is the difference in frequency between the wave transmitted or wave that leaves a source and the wave received or wave that reach the receiver due to the relative motion of source and receiver, while sound reflection is the reflection of the sound when it hits the surface of an object. These two, the Doppler effect and sound reflection, are some of the concepts that the SODAR instrument used.


When two waves have the same frequency and phase and interacted, they will combine and producea stronger wave which process is called constructive interference. Since sound is a wave, this process can also be applied to speakers. The produced sound wave due to constructive interference has a higher amplitude and intensity than the former two waves. And when two sounds are out of phase, they will cancel each other producing lesser waves which process is called destructive interference.


Pest Repellant is an electrical device that uses sound to keep out animals such as rats, birds, and many more animals from a selected zone. Some examples of these devices are rat repellants, bird scarers, and dog barking preventers.

A rat repellant is an electrical device that produces frequency greater than 15kHz sound waves which are inaudible to people, but unpleasant to rats. Dog barking preventers also used higher frequency inaudible to humans.


Applications of piezoelectric materials on automotive technology are actuators, fuel injectors, sensors, and variety of safety systems on automobiles, aircrafts, trains, and ships. An actuator converts electrical signal into mechanical movement which is the most important property of the piezoelectric materials. It is used on adjusting mirrors, lenses and other automotive parts. It is maintenance-free and durable that can be operated many times.


Bioacoustics is the study of sound communication between animals. This included bioacoustics in environmental monitoring, recording and analysis equipment and techniques, underwater sound, bioacoustical sound structures, patterns, variation and repertoires.

In bioacoustics, one of the many experimental techniques used is playback experiment which is used to investigate the significance of sounds in animal communication systems. In this experiment, a recording of naturally occurring or synthetic sounds is played to animals and then study their responses to it. In birds, it is used to study the specific time and pattern of their singing behavior.

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